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Core tips dos and donts: The Bird Dog




Modified, just using lower limbs


Correct, neutral spine, balanced weight

Doing a correct “birddog”

I’ve seen this exercise performed in a variety of settings and variations. When you begin this exercise, concentrate on using the muscles in your torso, rather than ¬†throwing the limbs away from the body. ¬†A level spine, in neutral, meaning no sagging or arching, and a drawing in of the low belly will allow you to strengthen your core musculature with this exercise.

  • Begin with just the lower body.
  • Stabilize the torso by drawing in the low belly in towards the spine, and keep the pelvis in neutral.
  • Avoid cocking the working leg/hip up or drooping the hip down. (click the pictures for examples)
  • Lifting the opposite arm is a progression and should only be added when you can complete five 5 second holds on each side correctly.

Hold for 3-5 seconds, 3X and progress to 6 on each side. Do often for building your core strength.