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Core tips dos and donts: The Bird Dog




Modified, just using lower limbs


Correct, neutral spine, balanced weight

Doing a correct “birddog”

I’ve seen this exercise performed in a variety of settings and variations. When you begin this exercise, concentrate on using the muscles in your torso, rather than  throwing the limbs away from the body.  A level spine, in neutral, meaning no sagging or arching, and a drawing in of the low belly will allow you to strengthen your core musculature with this exercise.

  • Begin with just the lower body.
  • Stabilize the torso by drawing in the low belly in towards the spine, and keep the pelvis in neutral.
  • Avoid cocking the working leg/hip up or drooping the hip down. (click the pictures for examples)
  • Lifting the opposite arm is a progression and should only be added when you can complete five 5 second holds on each side correctly.

Hold for 3-5 seconds, 3X and progress to 6 on each side. Do often for building your core strength.

2014 is not almost over…throwing down the gauntlet

“2014 is almost over.  I’m so busy right now and then the holidays will be here.  I’m just going to wait til January”  said someone to me who was considering a healthier lifestyle.  Sadly I hear that quite a bit this time of year.
That’s when  I threw down the gauntlet so to speak.  For a minute, let us consider an athlete or a team sport and the team has made it into the playoffs – wink, wink.  Those who do not throw in the towel at the critical hour are the ones who decide that they are going to give it their all, and most likely end up winning the game.   I know from experience that when we do some activity consistently and regularly, we can get a giddy up in our step and that translates to feeling better!   The first 10 day challenge was created.
12 People enrolled in my 10 Day fitness challenge and they are all doing great!  I am super excited to see who’s going to win the $100 plus pot this Friday!
Judi was traveling this week yet made time to workout at the hotel and even at the airport!
Lori got out for a walk “even though she didn’t feel like it”  and spent the day playing with her kids at the park.
Mary rocked her volleyball game, with the added challenge of staying ahead 5 points during the game.
Congrats to Pam, one of the regular attendees at  our corporate Fit Solutions classes.  Pam joined us at Westport about a month ago and has worked out more than 20 times since starting, and continues to be part of the group!!!  
This challenge all comes down to  making time for what we want to do, what is our priority.  I know there will always be  distractions and obligations, so fitting in exercise will sometimes be downright a major pain in the rear.  This time,it will be worth.  Finishing this challenge, participants just need to show via facebook or tracking sheet that they did something everyday and earn a change to win over $100 from the pot.  And our next 10 Day Challenge begins Monday November 17th.  Good luck!

10/10/10 Challenge Revitalize Your Health

10/10/10 Challenge
do you still have goals you want to reach in 2014?  Its not the end of the year yet….just the last quarter of the year.  For the next two months you have a real opportunity to achieve three 10 day challenges, and with perseverance and a support you can gain confidence, a sense of accomplishment and be primed to achieve your next level of health in 2015.  Choose to join the one or all groups based on your goals.
We start our first 10 day challenge on November 3rd.  
Move Your Body 10 Day Challenge
Do you need a challenge and accountability to stay on track with your fitness goals? Here is your chance before the holidays begin! Surrond yourself with people who want the same goals you do and be inspired to do a 10 day fitness challenge. All fitness levels welcome. Includes:
* Tips and suggestions for 10 days, Facebook accountability group.
* Includes 3 home/walking/fitness center workouts: Level 1, 2 or 3.
* Video coaching and workout suggestions.
$20.00  And $10 goes into the pot.  Complete a minimum 30 minute workout every day and be entered into a drawing November 14th for your chance to win the pot!  Now there are 24 hours a day, lets work together at fitting in 30 minutes for your body.
Begins Monday, November 3rd.  Group forming now, and must be entered by Saturday, November 1st. CLICK HERE   OR Email to request details and get instructions.
Fuel your brain 10 Day Nutrition Challenge
What is it: This is one of the best proven methods to reset the body’s metabolism through a simple cleanse and a system of eating that that you do not have now. What your body does not have now is nutrition that it needs to burn fat, improve your energy, and give your body and brain the nutrition that it needs to work at its best.
I have coached dozens of people just like you to gain the fuel you need to fire up the body’s metabolism furnace and feed your entire body with core nutrients to charge through the day. You must fuel your brain and fuel the body with quality nutrition.
Includes a custom – designed program to guide you through pitfalls, changes in your body, and one that fits within your busy lifestyle.
  • For less than $10 day, you receive:
  • Easy meals to pick from and enjoy foods you like. Based on your body weight it works with both male/female.
  • Grocery list packed with healthy foods.
  • Daily Check List to help you stay on track.
  • Includes drinks/shakes for convenient foods if you don’t have time to prepare your meals.
  • 2 coaching calls with me to guide you towards achieving the best results.
Last Day to begin and end by Thanksgiving Eve is November 17th,  Group forming now.  CLICK HERE  Email to request details.
Feed Your Spirit 10 Day’s in the Word Challenge
Connecting to our spiritual selves can lead to life long happiness and longevity. Whether its growing in your relationship with God and His purpose for your life, meditation, or personal reflection, focusing on our soul’s need for truth and peace is a necessity for living a fulfilled life.
All you need is for this 10 days’s in the Word is a desire to connect to your spiritual self and a bible.  We will be centering on scriptures that feed our spirit.  Our person consist of four different dimensions of  perception for wellness –  heart (our emotional support or need), mind (our thoughts),  strength(our physical body), and soul (our spirit).
We will have a facebook group to connect to a few scriptures to read, meditate and pray about each day.  I challenge you to set aside 10-15 minutes each day to take this challenge.
***We will begin this study on December 8th.   Group forming now.  Email to request details to be added to our email list or private facebook group.  

Are you thriving or struggling?

Last month we celebrated Exercise is Medicine Month.  Cool, exercise has a month!  Simply stated, the benefits of physical activity are proven and impact  the future our nation’s health.
According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control,
40% of all major health diseases that our population suffers from are either preventable or can be greatly reduced through regular physical activity.
Whats even more staggering is how the lack of physical activity affects our work force.  There is a 50% increase in “low productivity” due to lack of consistent activity.  – Population Health Management August 2012busy
I have dedicated a portion of my career this year into learning about way’s I can reach people in their place of employment – the people who may not visit me in the gym or come to one of my outdoor classes.  Just the other day, I was attending a webinar on how to improve well being in the workplace.
In a recent corporate survey by Healthways, 57% of respondents felt like they were “struggling” in the area of physical well being –  their health, energy, and ability to move.  Another 12% reported that they were “suffering” in this area.
The remainder reported that they were” thriving”, barely 30%.  Certainly this is a subjective feedback, but isnt it truly about how we feel, our emotions, that affect our happiness and satisfaction with our jobs and where we are in life.
What can you do?  Begin to access your ability to increase your daily physical activity in the work place.  For the rest of the year, I will be sharing tips and suggestion here.  Here’s a few for starters!
  • Schedule breaks every hour to get up and move.
  • Suggest walking meetings in or outside of the building.
  • Seek professional assistance.

To arrange a consultation to explore ways I can assist you in creating a culture of regular physical activity at your workplace, give me a call at 314-323-9183 or email

May is Exercise is Medicine Month 2014

In conjunction with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports’ National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, The American College of Sports Medicine chose the month of May to spread the word on Exercise is Medicine (EIM) with support from the American Medical Association.

Did you know that consistent exercise has been proven to treat and even prevent chronic disease? Research shows that exercise can play a role in preventing over 40 chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

Are you ready to start your exercise habit?

One of the Goals of EIM to encourage physicians to record physical activity with other health markers each time you visit your doctor.

How do you know if you should see your doctor before starting an exercise program.
Start with this pre-exercise checklist.

Your prescription to health series eim logo

Click here to view upcoming Lakefront Fitness programs starting May 7th at Creve Coeur Park or for more details about starting an exercise program.


Nighttime Recovery

I love the Nighttime Recovery option that I added to my supplementation last year, and have shared my experience with others.     This is part of Advocare’s Performance Elite Line, and it helps me to rest and my muscles relax, and most importantly sleep more soundly after a long day of exercise or physical stress.  Here is a story from a personal trainer and friend of mine Joy Jones:

I am doing a 1/2 iron man Triathlon on 8/31 and one of my training races was at the end of July.  My body is often in a state of fatigue from other workouts and Kim told me about a Nighttime Recovery supplement with Advocareso I thought….hey I might as well give it a try.  And I was Amazed at the Result after only 2 days.

Every week teach 3 yoga classes a week, and in at least 2 of them (weekly) we perform Tree Pose as one of our balance poses.

For the last 2 years I haven’t been able to perform Tree on my left leg because it would hurt too badly when I pressed my foot into my inner thigh.  I try every time, regardless, always in hopes that “this time” I’ll be able to do it.  To my utter surprise one Tuesday I was able to perform Tree with no pain.   What??!!!  The only change to my routine was the addition of the Nighttime Recovery….that I had taken Sunday, Monday….and now Tuesday, I can do Tree!  Amazing!   I had not stretched differently, ate differently, or worked out differently, or hydrated more or less;  nothing about my habits had changed except I had taken the Recovery for 2 days.  I am SOLD!

Think you are too old to change?

Change might be hard, but the alternative is accepting that your life has to remain the same as it is, and its not what you want.  Look at this man’s journey, and imagine that can be you or someone you love.  Are you no longer willing to accept that things in your life will remain as they are?