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Archive for November, 2009

Perception is Reality

What is your perception of yourself?    Take a minute and visualize this perception……


Does it fit the reality of who you believe yourself to be?  Your perception of yourself can determine whether you are stuck in  limbo when it comes to reaching your goals –  if its not supportive, loving, respectful.   Ok, this may seem pretty heavy; however, improving the perception you have of yourself, your personal image, and your self-talk can propel you towards living a healthier lifestyle. 

Creating a healthy self-image can be acheived by fueling your mind with positive and supportive self-talk just as you would feed your body with good fresh foods.  If you have focused on negative critical thoughts about failed exercise or diet plans for several years, this isnt feeding your healthy self-image. It may be time to develop a new perception about your desire for a healthy lifestyle.

Develop a positive statement or mantra that you can use to replace critical thoughts, and come back to use it each time you find yourself fueling a negative self-image. 

It may be something as simple as:  I am free and healthy, I need this time for myself,  Its ok to put my needs first,  Its not important what other people think, I am taking this step towards enjoying a healthy body!  Im not working towards perfect, Im striving to be me!

Using positive affirmations or mantras that make you feel strong, proud, and free are important for creating a new realistic healthy image, and reaching your health and fitness goals.

Take a minute to write down at least one thing you say to yourself, one thing to others, or that you hear from others that makes you feel strong, proud, or free, and try use it next time you have a critical or negative thought.

Company Health fair winner

Congratulations to Stefanie W. who won the drawing for a free exercise stability ball and private training session to learn exercises for the whole body on the ball! 

Stefanie visited my table for information on exercise and nutrition at Ceridian’s  Health Fair  on Friday supported by the Diversity Action Committee of Ceridian Employer Services.