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Eating with friends

Eating out in our country has become a national pastime.  Remember when you were a kid, and eating out was only for birthdays and celebrations.  Now Tuesday night has become cause for celebration.  Many restaurants create an atmosphere of a party, with music, decoration, and even cleaver up selling techniques from the bubbly wait staff.  Use caution when creating an excuse to ignore your healthy eating plan:

I was with friends or with a group:  Statistics show that when you are eating with one person, you eat 35% more; 7 or more people double the amount, and in a smaller group like 4, up to 75% more.  Its important than you recognize the excuse you give yourself because you are eating (maybe comfort food) with others, and also that you are enabling others to eat unhealthy or more because you care about them.

What can you do to arm yourself in the following situations:  

Someone brings treats to work for a special celebration:  If you are unsure whether the food choice is low or high in calories, decline politely and pick something that you know is a healthy option like fruit.
If you are with a group for dinner or lunch:  plan ahead by having a healthy snack before you go or order separately,  turn down chips, bread and appetizers, and eat slower,  enjoying the conversation instead.
Decline the invitation:  While you may want to catch up with some friends and unwind from a bad day over happy hour, usually a good sweat out at the gym will do the trick. It’s really ok to be that person, remember this is your health you are working for!
Drink plenty of water!
Plan ahead.  This is the best way to ensure that you are aware of what your choices are,  and that are ready are  for unfamiliar situations.  Make your own snacks and bring them with you to the movies, eat before you go to a party and just sample one thing you want to try, and when offered a piece of cake from the at work treat bearer,  politely decline.