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How are you spending your summer?

Happy Summer!  Its that time of the year for barbecues, graduations, weddings, visits with friends and family, and summer vacation.  The days are longer and with it comes a longer to-do list!

Perhaps you are experiencing one of those stressful moments in life when your perseverance and focus on your health is briefly diverted to another necessity in life. Or maybe you want to kick back and enjoy a “vacation” from your regular routine.   With so many things to distract you, its easy to push exercise and healthy eating aside…. “I’ll do it next week”.

Whatever the distractions are for you, here are three simple steps you can take to stay on track in achieving your 2010 Fit and Healthy Goals:

1. Remember to take care of #1 : That’s You! Revisit your primary goal (s) you want to have for your health.

2.  Celebrate! Celebrate all the successes you have achieved this year, however small they may seem to you.  Write them down or share them with those whom you are close.

In fact, send a message to me – what achievement, new insight, compliment from someone you know, or change in your lifestyle or habit has meant the most to you?  Be sure to let me know if I can share it with others on my  blog.

3.  Add some type of  physical activity with your visits with friends and family, or other celebrations! Take advantage of outdoor pursuits all around you – even if its a 15 minute walk at lunch time.  Ask me about outdoor training, Zumba dance parties, and yoga in the park.

If you have one of the “Make the Time” reminder bracelets I gave out over the last year, dust it off and put it back on!

Enjoy your summer!