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When things settle down, then I’ll…..

If you are blessed to have a job, goals, family, interests, your life will rarely be calm. If you think about our yearly calendar and you practice American and religious holidays, then add in birthdays, tax season, school breaks, and then factor in work “busy season” and unfortunately a week or two of the flu or a bad cold, there are less than 20 unaffected weeks in the year.  No wonder we find it hard to make the time for our own personal goals. 

If you want to make a change, this means creating a new system of accomplishing your goals.  This may mean setting aside an afternoon, a morning, or a day to create a plan. I honestly think you will need that from time to time, but it will be a rare occasion that a day just opens up or happens on its own. Just when the dust has settled, a swift wind will come through and and kick up that dust again!

So yes, that means doing something different than what you would normally do and it may mean a sacrifice:  one weekend where you do not watch football, take your kids birthday party hopping, partake in happy hour, etc.   Maybe it means making small changes:   limiting your TV or computer “social” time is the easiest way to avoid major time wasters.

You need to utilize the nooks and crannies of your day, to focus on your goals, me time.  Its not being rude or ignoring your family and friends, its about being intentional in working on your plan and focusing on a purpose. 

Just like you would respond to a text, you can log in your journal.  Just as you would plan meals for the family, you will set aside your snacks for a busy day.  Just as you would take a shower, you will get in your twenty minutes of activity in the morning.   Just as you would play a game on Facebook or surf Pinterest, you will instead review your goals list and get to it.  Just as you take the time to pray, you will ask God for His strength and grace to help you do this each and every day.