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Business owner, grandma, model for Exercise is Medicine

Roberta began her journey towards better health in the summer of 2008.  After being diagnosed with diabetes the year before, and experiencing the complications of high blood pressure, she knew she had to make a change. She didn’t feel good or sleep well.  She didn’t want to take any more medications.

After committing to exercise at least 3 times a week or more, and regular healthy meals, Roberta began to see results.  It didn’t happen overnight.  Like anyone making a change in their lifestyle, it took time to fit in the hour of exercise, taking walks with her husband, making time for snacks, drinking more water, and eating healhier.

Today, Roberta is 60 lbs lighter and has shed more than 46 inches and 20% body fat!  For the last year,  she has been off her diabetic medication and only needs 1 of the 4 medications she used to take for her blood pressure.

“I know I will always be active now.  I have taken back my life, and never want to be on medication again.  I hope that I can be an inspiration for my family and friends.”