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Archive for December, 2009

Make the Time

I recently had a conversation with a client about how she was getting on with her job, holiday shopping, taking care of 3 kids, starting her new exercise plan.  During her workout, she stated that she had little sleep due to sick child overnight but had kept on her schedule that day including  her workout.  How do you do it, I asked?  “You just do it”, she stated. 

As simple as it sounds, she’s right.  But how do we keep it simple when we are running in three different directions!  Prioritize. Sounds easy too, but again thing always comes up.  Each time you begin to add another activity or get involved in something, before committing or partaking, put it into  1 of 3 categories:

I must do this – it’s a necessity to sustain balance in my life and my family. 

I should do this – its important, but at the end of the day not as important.

I want to do this – its enjoyable, I would like to spend time doing this, or someone else that I care wants to do.

 Going back to those key words “necessity”, “important”, “enjoyable” will make it easier to make those decisions. Maybe you decide to meet yourself in the middle “I’m only watching these programs if I on my treadmill” , or revisiting the choice at another time “we arent going to get a dog now but lets talk about it again in 6 months.”

Several of you have received your special “Make the Time” bracelets from me.  Wear it or put it in a place where you see it many times a day to remind yourself to make the time for healthy habits.  Stop right now and make a list of things you want to do every day that you are not doing now and make them a necessity!

Team Night Out 2009

My team members and I look rosey checked after we enjoyed a healthy night out at PF Chang’s.  This asian inspired restaurant offers wonderful options in vegetarian, spices and flavors, and side dishes that are easy to share amoung a group of diners.  Important to note, their entrees are generally 3-4 servings for each plate, so diners must be cautious about over-serving themselves. 

Our choices were based on the sodium and low calories; therefore, the team decided our splurge this night was the lettuce wraps considering we had plenty of food with spliting three other entrees and side dish.  Cholesteral and saturated fat was fantastic  – something to commend when you consider it could have been sky high with a normal loaded potato skin or nacho appetizer. 

 Its the bid picture that counts! PF Changs offers a web-based and in store nutritional guide that provides details on your meal.  Here is a snapshot of ours:

                                                                          *Cal    Fat  Sat   Chol  Sod   Prot

Snap Peas, Garlic side 1/4 plate            50     2       0       0       81       2   

Brown Rice, Steamed, 1/2 cup             109      1    0          0         1       2

Sweet & Sour Chicken, 1/4 plate         207     10   2       0       210    8

Lettuce Wraps, Vegetarian 1 each      135     7      1        0      535     6

Lemon Scallops, 1/4 plate                    188       3       0       0      257      20

Hot and iced tea                                           0        0       0       0         0        0

Totals                                                           689      23    3      3     1084      38

Does this still seem high to you?  Our  4 party team made the decision to split only 3 entrees and a side.  Additionally, we declined all other splurges such as wine, sauces, and desert that many agreed they would have normally included to their night out to dinner!  

 Be sure to check menus or even call before you go to determine how you can manage your nutrition, ask to split an entree or take some of it home,  forgoe the sauces, chips, and breads, and you can still enjoy a healthy night out.

* Calories, Fat, Saturated (bad) fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Protein.  Go to the restaurant website for more information.