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Archive for August, 2011

There will always be stuff to do

“When you die, your inbox won’t be empty” is such simple yet potent comment.  I didn’t write it , it was coined by Richard Carlson in Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff….and its all small stuff.  This is a one of my favorite parts of this book, and I happened to read it last week during a time when many of  my customers, colleagues, and friends (and me) had  made comments as to how busy they were and they couldn’t wait for things to slow down so they could back a “normal” routine, get back to exercising again.

Really? I thought.  What really is normal?  Unless you are going through a major life change like moving out of state, a divorce, or dealing with a death in your immediate family, this is your normal life.  This just happens to be where you are right now in it.  There will always be something you should be doing, things that truly have to be done.  But really, do these things make you happy, align with your inner goals and desires, support the relationships with the people you most care about?

I am not  advocating that you ignore the fact that work obligations and commitments are necessary at times, I am referring to outside of these things.  What is really important to you isn’t on a list of things to do.  Sometimes you just need to put the phone down, push back away from the computer, or leave the TV off.  It will be there tomorrow. Now go for a walk, get a full night’s sleep, make time for that exercise class this week.