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you just do it

You know exactly who it is just by the slogan. From the now-iconic Waffle Trainer in 1974 to Air Jordans to the most recent Lunalites well-loved by runners, Nike has shoes for every sport you can imagine. Nike, derived from the Greek goddess of victory, is known world wide for the Swoosh logo and now-famous slogan “Just Do It” created for a 1988 Nike ad campaign now showcased in the Smithsonian Institute.  Why is it so recognized, so popular, so powerful?

Like Walt Stack, who ran 17 miles everyday for the last 27 years of his life well into his 80s,  and was the first featured in the television ad that catapulted the slogan into the history books, the slogan is  as simple as it is meaningful. When you see Walt running across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito, his tanned chest with its leathery finish from years in the sun, it makes you see things so clearly.  You just do it. No excuses, no discussions, no interruptions, just complete surrender. 

You just do it. Now I am not a big fan of fashion and of brand names, or even famous sports stars. 

I don’t even own a pair. But I love this slogan.

If you are one of my clients or students, you have heard me say it to you in a workout or in camp,

or maybe in your sleep.

just do it