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Get the skinny on healthy fats

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
These healthy essential fatty acids play a crucial role in how our body cells function, and are not converted to store body fat.  We need these essential fatty acids every day to :
  • lower bad cholesterol
  • protect our body’s cells from cancer
  • reduce arthritis symptoms
Different than the  omega 9 fatty acids found in olive oil & avocados, the unsaturated Omegas 3s are found in salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines, walnuts, almonds, and flex seeds and oil.   If you find it difficult to get fatty fish into your diet (your kids or husband make it difficult for you to serve fish regularly)  then a supplement may help.
The 4 reasons that I take Omega 3s supplement:
*  Supports a healthy metabolism and provides energy
* Supports brain function
* Anyone over age 30 should be getting more omega 3’s, as most Americans do not have a proper ratio of fats.
* Protects the heart and the joints from any daily inflammation
* I follow the max about of 8 oz of fish per week for safe intake of heavy metals.
I am never without this!!I keep this in my food plans and take 4 daily.  If you are looking for a good quality oil that is effective and safe,  I use only Advocare Omegaplex.  Key:  Manufacturing and storage make a difference in what you are ingesting.  Advocare use Informed Choice to certify their products for efficacy and reliability.