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Kick off to my Best Year

That first week was exciting, and exhausting, 4 New Programs started this week!.  After three weeks of holiday and snow storm activities, I was behind in my workouts.  Whew, after 9 classes, Thursday I was so exhausted, I went to bed at 9:30.  My nighttime recovery herbs were a blessing. I was happy to have some foam rolling time with my Pilates class on Friday.  I love the foam roller!  This is a tool I picked up about 8 years ago at a Club Industry conference, I’ll be using more in private training and with clients in 2014.  Foam rolling helps to release tightness and knots in the muscle and can be extremely effective after a tough workout to release the muscle.  

I also charged my clients with drinking more water, so of course Its been conscious effort of mine, even though  I carry water bottle with me everywhere I go.  I found that if I keep extras in the car, and workout bag, I avoid the need to buy water.  Save money and save waste!  

This week I embark on a new 21 day eating plan for myself to eliminate as much sugar in my diet, including wine, any candy, chocolate, or snacks that are not part of my protein snack bars, Ok Here we go!  

My Best Year Ever An Introduction

As I’m having difficulty getting my video on here, so I decided to begin a post on my goal of having my Best Year Ever in 2014!  My best year focus came to me when I was writing my mission statement and company goals last fall; and then again when writing my podcasts for KDHX and was brainstorming for creative ways to introduce the same health and fitness topics regarding New Year Resolutions.  I asked myself, what is it that I really want from my goals this year? I want it to be my best year for my health and relationships! For these are the things that truly matter in the long run.  You may think that a personal trainer doesn’t need to focus on better health, but I am looking to really maximize my mind, body and spirit as well as my relationships this year, so it all starts with good health. 

When you are making healthy choices, you feel better, have better concentration and creativity, sleep better, are happier, have less stress, have more energy, and can maximize your body’s performance.  Who doesn’t want that!  I think I just mentioned 90% of most people’s New Years Resolutions!  Feel free to join me as I continue this journey here:  posting my progress, and pictures, challenges and successes, tips, suggestions, recipes etc.  I will address wellness concepts of physical, mental, nutrition, and spiritual as it relates to my health.  My hope is that it can inspire you to find out what will make 2014 your best year ever! 


I can do all things through Christ which give me strength.  Philippians 4:13