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Healthy Tips for the Winter Holidays

There is tons of advice on the internet, magazines, and from your best girl friend about how to look great at that swanky party!  Here’s my Top Ten:

1.  Plan ahead.  With parties, celebrations, visits from family and friends, and increase  at work for all those industries going through their busiest time of the year, there is no such thing as a normal schedule. Take a look at what you must accomplish, note your obligations, and then the things you would like to do, and write out a plan that works for you.  Try this weekly and then again before the weekend.

2.  Eat regular meals.  Avoid the tendency to save your calories for that party!  Eating  your regular meals will help you avoid over-eating foods that don’t fit into your diet.

3.  Don’t forget to snack.  Prepare healthy snacks that you can drop in your bag and take with you when out shopping or traveling.  Vegetables  and fruits, portioned food, and nut mixes travel best.

4.  Pick only one fav at parties and celebrations.  No one wants to feel deprived of enjoying the holiday festivities.  Survey the buffet table and pick one of your favorite foods to eat in moderation.

5.  Exercise!

6.  Remember you can say no.  Just because you are the popular one, reliable one, or go to person doesn’t mean you are obligated to forgo your regular routine to be accepted.  Stick to your guns when asked to contribute to the bake sale – you don’t need to fill your kitchen with tasty snacks – grazing  on them for days.

7.  Be sure to enjoy alcohol and sweets in moderation.   Trade off with water and vegetables to balance your indulgence.

8.  Eat your veggies! There are tons of fresh winter squashes and spices that make recipes tasty and exciting.

9.  Try something new.  Traditional dishes that can be paired with modern more healthy alternatives can become new traditions.

10.  Celebrate the season by recognizing and cherishing the moments with your loved ones and those close to your heart.