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Keep up the fat burning with easy meal options

As we prepare for the weekend,  I wanted to give you some easy tips on how you can ensure to  keep up your fat burning furnace throughout the day.  Its easy to stick to your eating plan when you have been in a routine all week, only to blow it over the weekend.  So lets prepare for specific situations:

You’ve been invited to  dinner, and decide you will indulge and hold off eating the rest of the day. Or you ran out to run errands and before you know it you are starving and head for the closest fast food drive through. Think about this:  In order to keep your fat burning furnace you need to eat every  3 hours.   In addition to easy to carry items like nuts, fruit, and shakes, bars, try preparing some rollups ahead of time.

Get a small package of whole grain tortillas:  fill with 2-3 oz. of turkey, avocado slices and dijon mustard, hummus, red peppers, and onions, or mix a can of diced seasoned tomatoes and black beans, and sprinkle with some low fat cheese.  Roll up several and place in bread bags or sandwich bags individually wrapped in the refrigerator.  Grab one when you are heading out the door.

Not that good at planning?  I am so excited to have found a brand healthy and yummy meal replacement shakes, multiple flavors, and these are super easy as they can go anywhere.  I highly recommend keeping them in your car or bag at all times, as you never know where or when you’ll be stuck without a healthy option.  You have an inexpensive complete meal with all the protein and carbs you need for energy and performance, and a reason to avoid making bad choices.    Start your day off with one in the morning within an hour upon waking.  These can be split in two servings if you just want a sweet fix, a little protein, or it can be made into a pudding for a snack.  I also like to add berries to mine for a post workout recovery meal.  They come in Chocolate, Mocha, Orange Cream, Vanilla, and Berry and can be ordered at and go to trim line.  Set up your account, and boom, you are ready for the next busy meal choice!