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Nighttime Recovery

I love the Nighttime Recovery option that I added to my supplementation last year, and have shared my experience with others.     This is part of Advocare’s Performance Elite Line, and it helps me to rest and my muscles relax, and most importantly sleep more soundly after a long day of exercise or physical stress.  Here is a story from a personal trainer and friend of mine Joy Jones:

I am doing a 1/2 iron man Triathlon on 8/31 and one of my training races was at the end of July.  My body is often in a state of fatigue from other workouts and Kim told me about a Nighttime Recovery supplement with Advocareso I thought….hey I might as well give it a try.  And I was Amazed at the Result after only 2 days.

Every week teach 3 yoga classes a week, and in at least 2 of them (weekly) we perform Tree Pose as one of our balance poses.

For the last 2 years I haven’t been able to perform Tree on my left leg because it would hurt too badly when I pressed my foot into my inner thigh.  I try every time, regardless, always in hopes that “this time” I’ll be able to do it.  To my utter surprise one Tuesday I was able to perform Tree with no pain.   What??!!!  The only change to my routine was the addition of the Nighttime Recovery….that I had taken Sunday, Monday….and now Tuesday, I can do Tree!  Amazing!   I had not stretched differently, ate differently, or worked out differently, or hydrated more or less;  nothing about my habits had changed except I had taken the Recovery for 2 days.  I am SOLD!