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Renewing your mind with First Place 4 Health

Changing lifestyle habits is hard.  Not only are they ingrained into our behaviors, thoughts, and daily actions, they are a part of our culture and the engine of the media.    Simply changing one behavior can led to a challenge for other behavior changes.  As a trainer,  I’m used to addressing the thoughts and emotions that go along with making changes.    I wanted to go deeper for my own challenges, and do more to help people with the great challenge of change – our thoughts   – so and I began praying for a way to do that.   Along came First Place 4 Health, and in October 2013 I began the process of equipping for ministry at my church.

Over these last 12 weeks, our first “Feed Your Spirit” group has completed our wellness class and bible study, focusing on our emotions, our thoughts, our heart, and our physical body.  I experienced God working through all these areas in my life in a whole new way.  It was as if all the bible studies and leadership training I’ve had over the last 3 years led up to this next step in my journey to know God more and who I am in Christ.  For the first time ever, I was able to follow my Lenten sacrifice, and shed light on some significant strongholds in my life.  As we studied obedience, confession, forgiveness, temptation, and renewal, I began to see a “new” renewal in myself.  The group participants were seeing the same thing, a greater trust in God, as we dug into the word and shared our thoughts on the study each week.

As in Romans 12:2 We are challenged not to conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

We receive clarity and guidance in how to step away from the behavior that damages our body and mind, and how to step towards greater wellness and fellowship with others who struggle against the culture too.

New 6 Week Class June 7th:  I look forward to the next 6 week summer study and our 12 week program in the fall.  I am super excited to see what God has planned for us next!  Classes include practical wellness topics in nutrition and fitness, as well as a new bible study.  The next class begins June 7th on Sunday mornings.  Get more details here.

Are you feeding your spirit?

Feeding your spirit.   Its somewhat a cliche, stating that we live in a face paced society.  Yet its glaringly obvious.  We live in two income homes, the media connects us to the entire world at any given moment, and our modern media – addicted society exposes us to more information than any generation in the history of history.  Finding moments of silence or setting aside time to feed our spirit can be an foreign concept for the average american.  What are you feeding your spirit?internet-addiction-2011-510x280

Religion for some may be the focal point in  life, yet a controversial discussion topic for others.  Study after study quotes the importance for humans of having some spiritual practice for true wellness.  Connecting to our spiritual selves can lead to life long happiness and longevity. Whether its growing in your relationship to God and His purpose for your life, meditation, or personal reflection, focusing on our soul’s need for truth and peace is a necessity for living a fulfilled life.  Otherwise, we may live out of balance, constantly distracted by daily obligations and the entertainment and noise that seeps into every moment of our lives.

Francis Chan quoted that “we are on a never-ending downward escalator.  In order to grow towards our God, we have to turn around and spring up the escalator, putting up with perturbed looks from everyone else who is gradually moving downward.” What is spiritual wellness? Our person consist of four different dimensions of  perception for wellness –  heart (our emotional support or need), mind (our thoughts),  strength(our physical body), and soul (our spirit).  So much of our existence reigns in the physical, our need to be fulfilled and entertained. Many times we bury or deny our emotions, and ignore the existence of our spirit rather it to be too vague to acknowledge.   I call it the moments in between the moments; the pause in our emotional response; the intuition of our spirit to show us the way through a difficult situation in life; the longing of our heart for something deeper than our daily interaction.  It can be a reverent silence with our God or intentional action to show unconditional love to another, or perhaps just being present in the moment.

Whether this is a conscious act or new concept I challenge you to consider setting aside 10-15 minutes a day for reflection, prayer, or meditation….Creating a balanced wellness approach includes feeding your spirit.