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Healthy Recipe Substitutions

If you have been on a journey to improve your eating habits, and influence the habits of your family and those around you, Cudos!  Changing lifelong habits of eating, cooking, and socializing around food can take up to a year or more as you try different ways of cooking, preparing meals, celebrations and holiday traditions, and trying new recipes.  

Looking for some easy simple tips to get through the holidays?  Check out this – A guide to ingredient substitutions by the Mayo Clinic –  one of the leading organizations in the country for health care.

What is important is that you give yourself this time to develop these new habits, while practicing perseverance and consistency.  It may take longer for your family or friends to accept your healthy changes, and that’s ok, as you may find that you may encounter snickers, a request to defend your new found healthy life, or even down right obstinate behavior and blatant nonacceptance.  However I encourage you to stand your ground for your health and your life.   You do not need to throw out Grandma’s recipes, but perhaps you can make some minor substitutions that carry over to your daily meal prep and planning. 


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