Fit Solutions. Move your body. Fuel your brain. Feed your spirit. Revitalize your health.

Connecting to our spiritual selves can lead to life long happiness and longevity. Whether its growing in your relationship with God and His purpose for your life, meditation, or personal reflection, focusing on our soul’s need for truth and peace is a necessity for living a fulfilled life.
All you need is for this 10 days’s in the Word is a desire to connect to your spiritual self and a bible.  We will be centering on scriptures that feed our spirit  – our heart, soul, mind, and body.

Especially during the holidays, the true spirit of Christmas can get lost among the shopping and parties. We will focus on God’s word each day, and I will be merely sharing what the holy spirit has put on my heart for you to hear. We will dedicate about 12 minutes each day. This will be an email and private facebook based, as well as I will be using my conference call # to record some of my messages. 605-475-4700 code# 351619#

Combine your commitment to feed your spirit by helping to feed others.  Your donation will be given as a donation to Community Helping Ministry, who provides: Emergency non-perishable food pantry, Pantry for personal hygiene and household cleaning items, Shower services for homeless individuals, Some financial assistance for utilities, housing, transportation, etc.

***We will begin this study on Saturday, December 12th.   Group forming now.  
1. Email to  be added to our email list.
2.  Click link to donate.  You can make this donation in person or via paypal.

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