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“2014 is almost over.  I’m so busy right now and then the holidays will be here.  I’m just going to wait til January”  said someone to me who was considering a healthier lifestyle.  Sadly I hear that quite a bit this time of year.
That’s when  I threw down the gauntlet so to speak.  For a minute, let us consider an athlete or a team sport and the team has made it into the playoffs – wink, wink.  Those who do not throw in the towel at the critical hour are the ones who decide that they are going to give it their all, and most likely end up winning the game.   I know from experience that when we do some activity consistently and regularly, we can get a giddy up in our step and that translates to feeling better!   The first 10 day challenge was created.
12 People enrolled in my 10 Day fitness challenge and they are all doing great!  I am super excited to see who’s going to win the $100 plus pot this Friday!
Judi was traveling this week yet made time to workout at the hotel and even at the airport!
Lori got out for a walk “even though she didn’t feel like it”  and spent the day playing with her kids at the park.
Mary rocked her volleyball game, with the added challenge of staying ahead 5 points during the game.
Congrats to Pam, one of the regular attendees at  our corporate Fit Solutions classes.  Pam joined us at Westport about a month ago and has worked out more than 20 times since starting, and continues to be part of the group!!!  
This challenge all comes down to  making time for what we want to do, what is our priority.  I know there will always be  distractions and obligations, so fitting in exercise will sometimes be downright a major pain in the rear.  This time,it will be worth.  Finishing this challenge, participants just need to show via facebook or tracking sheet that they did something everyday and earn a change to win over $100 from the pot.  And our next 10 Day Challenge begins Monday November 17th.  Good luck!

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