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So thrilled to congratulate my friend, Stefanie on her life changes for 2014. We are barely over the half way mark for the year, and she has just blown me away by her perseverance. Even though life gets in the way and we endure stumbling blocks, ie. busy work schedule, travel, hers includes a continuing foot issue.  Stefanie shared ” My measurements this June!   I thought I should check them since I hit the 25 pound milestone.   Since January, I have lost 18 Inches total!!    4.5 in my chest, 5.5 in my waist, 7 in my hips and 1 in my thigh.  Wow!  7 in my hips!!   I have so much more energy, and I never thought I would feel this good!”  She has bought Stefaniea bike and just reached her longest ride at 16 miles!  Way to go Stefanie!
What truly makes a difference is the accountability and support of a group!  Surround yourself with people who want the same things as you do helps with roadblocks and distractions. 
It all started with a simple cleanse. I coach people through a simple yet effective cleanse that can create the foundation for healthy eating and removing some of the toxins and habits that stall weight loss.  This is a wellness cleanse and can help with improving your energy, fatigue, inflammation, and overall health.  To find out if this is right for you, reach out to me at or call 314-323-9183

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