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Never give up.

Mistakes are inevitable and are critical for teaching you lessons. Bill Gates – first company ran up losses between 1974 and 1980 before it was closed, and they learned to avoid those mistakes in buidling Microsoft.

Your past does not define you. Richard Branson – a successful entrepreneur with many successful ventures to his name including Virgin dropped out of school when he was 16 to start a student magazine that didn’t do as well as he hoped. Along the way to success came many other failed ventures.

Failure is not permanent.  Walt Disney was fired from an early job at the Kansas City Star Newspaper because he was not creative enough! His first business went bankrupt after its first year In 1923.

Rejection is part of the journey. J.K. Rowling – who wrote the Harry Potter books selling over 400 million copies – received endless rejections from publishers. 

       You know you are being pushed to the point that you are just about to reach success, when you are ready to give. Never give up.


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