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    Almost 3 years ago, a friend of mine gave me a Spark, and some tips to help me with my fatigue and muscle recovery.     As you know, having physical ailments are  a part of life when you are physically active, so I am so blessed to have solutions that I can count on! Supplementation has always been a part of my overall nutrition plan, so I switched to better quality and now have educated coaches helping me.  I no longer drag myself from one gym to the park or to teach, and I can make it through a busy Saturday without going through the drive through!   I plan on being physically active the rest of my life, so nutritional support is key to maintaining my body’s ability to move.  Here are my tips and a few other suggestions:


Omegaplex – $0.40/day   Quality fish oil, omega 3s, for healthy everything and everybody.  Seriously, everything you read talks about the importance of healthy fats, yet we are typically not getting the right kind too much 6s, and not enough 3s.  This makes it super easy, and its the kind you want – pure and fresh.  I took what I thought was fish oil for years, and then realized it wasnt pure oil.

Coreplex – $0.55/day.  Multivitamin

Biotools –  $1.90/day  Support for aging bodies, or healing bodies.  That’s me and I love how I feel.  Reduces inflammation and provides muscle support for recovery.  Branched chain aminos.  

Tips for you:

Slim ******* On Sale*****appetite control and fat burner (Garcinia Cambogia)  YOUR SUMMERTIME GO TO ITEM.  This is super great for you if you are hungry all the time and want to burn fat.*  You should be eating 4-6 times a day to manage your eating plan, but this is a great add-on.  Non-caffeinated options.

Rehydrate – Electrolyte drink, superior blend, tastes great, no funny aftertaste, helps with cramps and recovering after a long bike ride, yard work, or visit to the gym. Super recharge.  I love the Key Lime/Cherry!!!!  

Feed and your body!  It works hard for you.  Kim 

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