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Kick off to my Best Year

That first week was exciting, and exhausting, 4 New Programs started this week!.  After three weeks of holiday and snow storm activities, I was behind in my workouts.  Whew, after 9 classes, Thursday I was so exhausted, I went to bed at 9:30.  My nighttime recovery herbs were a blessing. I was happy to have some foam rolling time with my Pilates class on Friday.  I love the foam roller!  This is a tool I picked up about 8 years ago at a Club Industry conference, I’ll be using more in private training and with clients in 2014.  Foam rolling helps to release tightness and knots in the muscle and can be extremely effective after a tough workout to release the muscle.  

I also charged my clients with drinking more water, so of course Its been conscious effort of mine, even though  I carry water bottle with me everywhere I go.  I found that if I keep extras in the car, and workout bag, I avoid the need to buy water.  Save money and save waste!  

This week I embark on a new 21 day eating plan for myself to eliminate as much sugar in my diet, including wine, any candy, chocolate, or snacks that are not part of my protein snack bars, Ok Here we go!  


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