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In Week 3 and 4 of the 27 days to get in shape for summer plan, we individually addressed the changes to  diet that each person wrote down and reviewed their weekly schedule.   The most common changes:  keeping a journal, drinking more water, and planning extra activities for physical activity.

For many of us, this practice uncovered some clear steps each person needed to take continue to make a plan for better health and exercise.  As our lives are ever changing, this process must be ongoing to accommodate the changes in our routine, vacations, celebrations, and setbacks.  Setbacks are only temporary if you continue to monitor your weekly schedule.

As we embark on the summer season, remember to plan your diet and options for physical activity  in advance.  If you will miss some of your personal training appointments or exercise classes while you are away, be sure to schedule an alternate session prior to your departure and for sessions/classes that will keep you on track for your return.

Then, you can enjoy your summer knowing you will be on track to reach your short term goals and 2011 resolutions!


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