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Ok, well I think we can all attest to the weather this weekend, we are pretty much plunging into summer. Here’s your steps for week 2:  (15 minutes)

1.  Review  your food journal and determine if you have any patterns to your eating, and what obvious changes you need to make. Did you note your portion sizes, how much water are you getting, when do you tend to eat the most of your calories?

2. From your journal, make a list of no more than 3 things you want to change for next week to include items you want to pick up at the store.  Be realistic!  You are not going to change your entire diet overnight!  No more than 3!

3.  Review your schedule for this week that you prepared and determine if it includes room for your extra workout or activity and time for meal and snack planning.  If not, make some corrections.

4.  Get moving!  This week is prime weather for doing fun things with family friends, or maybe a quiet walk early morning or after dinner just for you.

Next Week: Takin’ it up a Notch!


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