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Make a Plan

Take the next step towards reaching your health and fitness goals:  Make it happen with a plan.  Once you’ve got a goal in mind, make a plan to keep you focused. Write it down:  this makes it real, manageable, and allows you to see what you need to do.  Use a note book, daily planner, or computer to write out the steps, actions, or behaviors to follow. Perhaps you make a chart from a simple poster board or flip chart and hang it where you will always see it.  Whatever you use, make it simple and easy.

Be specific.  Write out your goal, what changes you want to make or specific actions to make it happen.  Start with just one change to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  Action steps can include:  prepare lunches for work this week, play pickup basketball on Wednesdays, schedule Dr. appointment, or walk the dog 30 minutes every morning.

Track your progress regularly and note what you have accomplished.  As your obligations and life demands change, revise your plan so you can continue towards this goal.   Life happens and without a plan you will find it difficult to work efficiently towards your goal.  Start today!

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