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Set Your Healthy Goals

Begin your health and fitness resolutions now with this first step:  Set the goal.  If weight loss is your goal, be clear about how much you want to lose.

Be realistic when setting your goal to be sure it is attainable. Consider: How long has it been that you were at your goal?  How much time do you have to work towards your goals?  One to three pounds a week is the average amount that can be safely lost and maintained with a few key adjustments to your eating routine and lifestyle.

Establish small, short-term goals that you know you can reach in 2-4 weeks.  This will help you stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed by a significant change or long-term goals.

Recognize and celebrate that you have reached your goals, but don’t stop there!  Set new goals.

Measure your goals.   If you are not tracking your weight, then use a tape measure, or note your pants size or which belt or button hole you can use.  Pull out clothes in the closet that you can now where.  Tracking your improvement in physical fitness is also a very strong measurement to success:  how long you can walk now, how long you can walk with out losing your breath!, how many pushups or situps can you now do?

Track it!  Be sure to write down those goals and your progress.  Going over your goals, and changing them from time to time will allow you to prioritize and  incorporate them into your new lifestyle.
Be sure to check out the upcoming steps in my  Healthy Resolutions series.


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