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How many of you plan your day?  Use a blackberry, daytimer or monthly calendar?  Do you just put your upcoming dentist appointments and your niece’s wedding? These easy to use planning resources can help you to make time for healthy eating and physical activity.

Although you may not have  flexibility in your daily schedule, you may be able to find additional time  throughout the course of the week.  This week, take time to plan for how you can  increase physical activity and eating healthier without negatively affecting your obligations and commitments.

I recently came upon a site that offers an easy way to track your time and how much you spend on each activity for the week.  Looking at your time over the course of the week instead of each day will allow you to see how you can plan around days that are busier than others. Feel free to use this site, or grab a notebook and track your daily activities for a week.  After you have completed the log, take time to review the total time you spent on activities, and determine what changes you can make to fit in more of the things that are important to your health and happiness.

Check out my links below for more tips on planning and time management.


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