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In only two short weeks, Memorial Day Weekend will be here and our first chance to put on that swimsuit!  If you are not planning on painting your living room, you will probably find yourself in a  tank top,  swimsuit or sundress(ladies!). Want to show off those arms and abs?  Here’s a really simple exercise to get more toned and strong:

Push ups! Push-ups are a great form of strength training for the arms and core, and they can be done anywhere!  Perform as many as you can in good form and set a goal to complete  one minute of push-ups by the end of the two weeks. Even if you can only do two, with daily practice you will see immediate improvements in strength and muscle tone!

Anyone can do push-ups with these simple modifications:

Arms should be at chest height, slightly shoulder width apart.  Be sure to bend the elbows at  a 90 degree angle out to the side of the torso, and push all the way up to complete one repetition.  Begin on your knees, and as you get stronger you can start on your toes.

If those positions are too difficult, place your hands in correct position against a wall, and step back so your arms are fully extended and head, shoulders, hips, and ankles are in alignment.  Remember, your wrists will take time to get used to this position, so be sure to balance the weight evenly on the hands and feet.

This exercise can be done in one minute  and you can easily fit it into your daily routine. Start today!


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