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This January I committed to spreading the word about the Exercise is Medicine initiative through my professional certifying organization, ACSM. The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association launched the Exercise is Medicine™ program and, with the support of many other prestigious organizations, and I encouraged you to be a part of history.

The guiding principles of the Exercise is Medicine™ initiative are designed to improve the health and well-being of our nation through a regular physical activity prescription from doctors and other health care providers, or from a health and fitness professional working with the health care provider.

I know  hundreds of people who have benefited from regular exercise! You know regular exercise is important to overall health and disease prevention. Commit to be informed, be inspired and be active during Exercise is Medicine™ Month this May.

1.  If you are not already active, schedule an appointment with your doctor now to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise.

2. Then sign up here, for the one-month Exercise is Medicine™ email series for the Public. We know you are busy and your time is limited. You will receive helpful tips on how to create a life-long exercise plan and stick to it, regardless of your age or current fitness level. We’ll send you easy-to-use resources and plenty of motivation to keep you moving!

3. Join me in my efforts to get people moving!  Come join me this Sunday at the Shape Up US event in conjunction with Parkway Family Fitness Day from 12-4pm at Parkway North HS.  Go to for more info.

Because Exercise IS Medicine!    Get your daily dose!


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