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I had the wonderful opportunity to vacation at an all inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera in April.  It was a teaching vacation with NRG2GO where I was the guest instructor as part of the activities staff.  I taught yoga by the pool and aqua exercise in one of the main pools just past the swim up bar!

Visitors joined my invitation to participate in easy yet active professional workouts.  My participants included fit individuals as well as people that had never taken a yoga or aqua class.  Each day I encountered people who giggled at the thought of exercising while on vacation – not realizing that they were giving up the chance to enjoy a unique experience in a tropical environment!

If you’ve ever been in an exercise routine, you know how important it is to stay consistent.  Anytime you have a break in your routine, its easy to fill your day with other things, and even a week can distract you from continuing a routine when you get back to normal life.

When taking a vacation or visiting family, be sure to build some type of consistent activity:  take a walk on the beach, organize a group sport, or go hiking in the morning before your day gets away from you.  Building in these activities will allow you stick to your goals and resume your routine when you return. Remember life is  all about balancing work, obligations,  relaxation, and taking time for better health no matter where you are.  Be sure to rest, relax, and enjoy your vacation too!


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