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Recognizing the small  changes you make towards a healthier lifestyle are just as important as the more noticable accomplishments.  They are meaningful when you recognize that you are instilling in yourself a sense of awareness, moving towards a shift in your thinking, and developing new habits. Here are some I heard over the last few days:

I  actually felt hungry “hunger pangs” for the first time in a long time.

I feel asleep before 10:30pm and slept all night!

I worked an extra 10 minutes past my usual 30 minutes and felt great!

I cleaned up my treadmill area at home and did two workouts on my own!

Close friend said my butt looked perky!

My fitted jacket fit for the first time in years!

My blood pressure has been normal for three weeks!

Acquaintance said you look like you’ve really slimmed down!

I really like how these new exercises target my muscles!

I gently turned down a request for my time (sorry but no) that would have interfered with my workout time!

I made sure to eat my mid morning  snack to fuel my workout time!

I now look forward to my workouts!

Be sure to keep track of your accomplishments even how small they are!





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