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Wanted to send a congrats out to C.F. ,a client with whom I started working with three months ago, for her great success in weight loss and healthy living! 


Weight   Before 175     Now 150

Inches Lost:  16 (20 if you count both legs and arms)

BodyFat:  Before 33.8%   Now 29.8%

Prior to the above “before” numbers,  she lost 10 lbs in a month or so just from eliminating soda and fast food from her daily diet before she came to me.  She has been exercising every day for at least 1 hour, and also works with me two to three times a week.  Additionally, she walks her neighborhood almost every day. 

The weight and body fat loss could not be maintained without her dedication to her nutrition.  She tracks her calorie intake, and adjusts the calories accordingly to her energy expendature ie.  She noticed after 6-8 weeks of significant calorie reduction, her weight loss slowed until she added about 2-300 more calories a day, approx. 16-1800 calories,  to accomodate the energy expended in her exercise and walking. 

 Its important to note that she has two small children and a household that keeps her busy and makes no excuses for slacking on her goals.  She developed an eating plan that is realistic and makes no exceptions when it comes to eating a nice dinner out with her family or friends. 

When I asked her what keeps her focused, she states its the end result, and that she has seen the results along the way:  more energy, positive comments from family and friends, needing smaller pants (none of her pants fit anymore!)  encouraging words from her fellow gym mates, and of  course, the numbers!

Hoorah! This is what hard work looks like!



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