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Have any of you seen the commercials Hardees has been running on the bigger better Big Hardee burger?  The burger states its much better than the Mickey D Big Mac comparison.  Well, I guess in calories and fat maybe:

730 Calories

51 g Fat

19 g Saturated Fat

1120 mg Sodium

And the large fries….

470 calories

21 g Fat

4 g Saturated Fat

1040 mg Sodium

Let’s pretend you got a diet soda with that, but  if not, add another 250 calories for a can of regular, and another 100+ for ketchup on the fries.   Chocolate ice cream malt, add 780 calories!

Think about this:   If you eliminate just two lunches at the drive through in one week, you would be one pound lighter at the end of the week, 4 by the end of the month……


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