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What is your plan?

We hear it everyday, we see it in others, we say it all the time: ” I’ve been so busy” , “I just dont have the  time”, “My job is so demanding” , “Maybe when the kids go back to school, swimming season is over, when my kids are older.” 

Beginning an exercise program or cooking healthy meals isn’t just for those “people who have the extra time”, it can be for everyone, but it will only happen with planning and preparation.  Planning allows you to prioritize your time.  Start with simple steps that can be included in your routine.

 Plan your day.  Take a few minutes to look at what you must accomplish, and what you would like to do. Set aside time for things that will need your extra attention  throughout the month, and factor in extra time for travel due to weather and traffic. Determine what’s most important to you and your family, and what you can do without. 

 Write it down.  Spend 10-15 minutes at the beginning or end of the day is recommended. Use a daily or weekly planner, calendar, or even a simple notepad to set aside time for:  food shopping, cooking meals, exercise, and rest.  Plan all other activities around those time frames.

 Anticipate setbacks.  Visitors, celebrations, illnesses, tragedies, snow days, obligations.  We only occasionally have a “normal” week!  Come back to your plan on a regular basis and change it if it’s not working.  

Be willing to make sacrifices and take some risks.  You may find that it changes your life for the better!


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