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I Can

I recently read a borrowed copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and it had so many inspirational stories of hope, success, and vision for living life to the fullest.

One story that stood out was about a teacher who gave her grade school class a lesson on believing in yourself.  She asked her students to write a personal  list that begins with “I can’t”.  Some had a whole sheet filled with I cants, some only had a few.  Of course the list included a variety of “I can’ts such as I can’t read well, I can’t run fast, I can’t get an A no matter how hard I try, and so on.

She then concluded the lesson by asking students to tear  and fold each “I can’t” from their sheet of paper, and then bundled them up for a trip outside.  There she them dig a hole for the group and bury the folded pieces of paper in the ground. 

She asked them to remember that these self-defeating thoughts were now buried, and announced that they would no longer affect their self -worth, their dreams, their abilities to accomplish what they want in life and who they want to be.

Do you find yourself coming back to the same self-defeating thoughts, unfounded truths, and reasons for limitations when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals? 

Maybe its time to make your own “I can’t” list, and bury them for good.  Now, what can you do? 


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