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Burning calories is one way to lose weight, but its not just working out to works off those excess calories.  Any moderate to vigorous physical activity can burn sufficient calories toward weight loss or maintenance .  Calorie expenditure is determined by many factors:  body weight, muscle movement, body temperature, food for fuel.  Recently, Colleen shared her daily calorie expenditure that she tracked using her new Body Bug, a calorie tracking device, on different days at various activity levels.  Here’s a sample:

Day 1 = Resting at home, little to light activity         

1,500 calories

Day 2 = Workday, mostly sedentary + one hour cardio on elliptical trainer                                                                                        

2,100 calories

Day 3 = Workday, mostly sedentary + one hour cardio/strength intervals with Trainer                                                                               

2,300 calories

Day 4 = Home day, five hours heavy household chores/gardening

  3,500 calories

As she stated, its not just the event or period, but a total of the day’s activities that determines total calorie expenditure, and as a result, weight loss.  While convenient, you don’t have to have a techy tracking device to determine your ability to burn calories, just an awareness of how active you are. 

Try this:  Keep a weekly journal and jot down your general activity to see how each day compares.


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