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Protein Blueberry Pancakes

I truly did not plan to, yet I woke up Sunday with an intense craving for blueberry pancakes, so I decided to come up with a healthier version than what I would have gotten at the diner, plus there’s bacon at the diner.   I combined several recipes to make the most delicious blueberry pancakes I have ever tasted!  They may not be like grandma’s pancakes  – hence the protein supplemented to increase the protein content but they are delicious!  Here is the recipe:

1 Package of Advocare’s Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake
1/2 cup of unbleached flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 small apple pureed with 1/2 cup water (or unsweetened applesauce)
1 tsp sugar (or other sweetener optional. I think I could have done without the sugar since the berries were sweet)

Mix with fork or blender until coated, then put 1/4 cup batter into hot skillet of thin coating of oil (I used olive). Top with spoonful of blueberries. Once top begins to bubble or edges get golden brown, flip and cook for few more minutes.

Make 8 small cakes or 6 medium cakes. Serve with scrambled eggs. (As your shake blend will only get you about 6 grams of protein if you eat 2 cakes, and you need more! and I estimate you will get about 12-15 grams of carbs )

Now this is a treat, I only eat pancakes like 2 or 3 times a year so make this for those rare occasions or you can make it a post – exercise meal with again eggs and fruit if you have a intense workout ( ie. very hard)   Enjoy!

Inflammation and Omega 3s

We all know the common signs of inflammation when we get a cut or a scrap, have a bought of allergies, our bodies work to fight off the assault by sending workers to the rescue. Yet inflammation is set off by an insult or injury to the body.
Chronic Inflammation is the cause of virtually all diseases, and it can prevent you from losing weight and having the healthy body you really want. Chronic Inflammation damages cells and makes it really hard to lose weight.
Major disorders are characterized by too much inflammation include Rheumatoid Arthritis, lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, IBS and even Type 1 Diabetes and ulcers. This is why medical studies on the subject confirm inflammation can have widespread effects on the body.

Unfortunately, so many of us suffer from chronic inflammation because we poison our bodies with the things we Eat. The great news is, we have a ton of control over inflammation because we control the main source of chronic inflammation—-Our Food and supplements specifically Omega 3s. Our American diet is heavy in other fats, so a balance of omega3s to 6s are essential to controlling inflammation.

So what are some other foods that are loaded with omega 3 and anti-inflammatory ingredients?

1 – Wild Caught Fatty Fish (MUST eat broiled or baked to preserve the Omega 3s) 8 ounces a week
2 – Raw Nuts and seeds (loaded with alpha linoleic acid – ALA)
3 – Dark Leafy Greens (VERY alkaline, which fights against inflammation)
4 – Garlic (been shown to be as effective as NSAIDs, like ibuprofen)
5 – Onions (contain allicin and quercitin, both are anti-inflammatory)
6 – Organic Berries & Tart Cherries (super high anti-oxidants and anthocyanins)
7 – Beets (super anti-oxidant food, which protects against cancer and heart disease)
8 – Flaxseed Oil (carrys ALA too)
9 – Peppers (chili and cayenne peppers are rich anti-inflammatory capsaicin)
10- Beans (kidney, pinto, and mungo beans contain omega 3s.

One of the main benefits of eating fatty fish, salmon, anchovies, and sardines is the Omega 3’s. If you find it difficult to get fatty fish and others regularly into your diet (maybe cooking for your family or a busy lifestyle makes it difficult to make sure you all get it enough) then a supplement may help.

Not only does it protect the brain, heart, and joints from daily inflammation, it supports every important function of the body including energy and metabolism. This is what I take, so what I would recommend, Click HERE to link to learn more.

So thrilled to congratulate my friend, Stefanie on her life changes for 2014. We are barely over the half way mark for the year, and she has just blown me away by her perseverance. Even though life gets in the way and we endure stumbling blocks, ie. busy work schedule, travel, hers includes a continuing foot issue.  Stefanie shared ” My measurements this June!   I thought I should check them since I hit the 25 pound milestone.   Since January, I have lost 18 Inches total!!    4.5 in my chest, 5.5 in my waist, 7 in my hips and 1 in my thigh.  Wow!  7 in my hips!!   I have so much more energy, and I never thought I would feel this good!”  She has bought Stefaniea bike and just reached her longest ride at 16 miles!  Way to go Stefanie!
What truly makes a difference is the accountability and support of a group!  Surround yourself with people who want the same things as you do helps with roadblocks and distractions. 
It all started with a simple cleanse. I coach people through a simple yet effective cleanse that can create the foundation for healthy eating and removing some of the toxins and habits that stall weight loss.  This is a wellness cleanse and can help with improving your energy, fatigue, inflammation, and overall health.  To find out if this is right for you, reach out to me at or call 314-323-9183

Carbs have gotten a bad rap over the last decade. I often will have customers tell me they are limiting their carbs for their goal of limiting calories “I quit eating bananas, I thought bananas were high in carbs?” “I crave bread” . Limiting carbs puts you at a huge disadvantage for weight management and performance.

Its not the carbs that are bad, its the type of carbs you are eating. You need carbohydrates for energy! At least 50-55% of your daily food choices should come from carbohydrates, and preferably they should come from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Examples of whole grains include whole oats, barley, quinoa and other grains; whole wheat pasta or breads, popcorn and multi-grain selections of wild rices and legumes.

The USDA recommends that you make at least half your plate fruits, vegetables and grains. This means you need to include a salad at almost every meal or a side of fruit.  Again, this means you have to eat vegetables if you truly want to manage your weight.  

Pre and Post workout, bike ride, golf game, you need carbs for recovery.  Your body is craving energy and you need to feed it!  Choosing healthy food within 30 minutes to 2 hours post workout will improve your body’s recovery from activity.  This means you may experience less fatigue and soreness in the following days.  

If you are wanting to lose weight, the best advice I can give is to watch your choices and portion sizes.  30 grams of carbs post workout will enable your body to recover and keep you from wanting to inhale everything in sight the next time you eat.  Some great options include a bowl of oatmeal made with milk or soy milk with fruit, cinnamon, and some yogurt or an egg or two; an Advocare Meal Replacement shake with fruit, or a Post Workout Recovery shake; or a huge salad with veggies, chicken, and evoo/balsamic vinegar dressings.  

Advocare has some great options for recovery and performance.  My favorite is the Biocharge!!! Click here to see a timeline of how these products are used.

There seems to be lots of confusion out there as to what is good nutrition.  Carbs are bad.  Calories in, calories out.  Putting blood pressure medication and  a multivitamin, fish oil, and calcium supplements in the same “pill” category. Staying under 1000 calories a day to lose weight!  Ok lets debunk the mystery.  This is a simple way to see how you are doing with your nutrition choices.  (Adapted from First Place 4 Health)

1.  Set realistic and meaningful goals.  Being able to walk a mile without stopping and eating vegetables everyday are action oriented goals that guide you to make healthy choices.

2.  Plan ahead and prioritize.  In my opinion, this is the most important!

3.  Focus on quality and variety in food choices.

4.  Monitor your portions, and make adjustments when needed.  Did you know?  30 years ago a typical bagel was 3 inches round and only 140 calories.  Today the typical bagel
counts for an average of 300 calories.

5.  Eat breakfast.

6.  Spread your eating and calories out throughout the day.  Eat every 3-4 hours to manage your satiety and metabolism.

7.  Choose water based beverages.  Watch for sugar content, and drink plenty of fresh water.

8.  Balance your meals with macro nutrients from protein, fats, and carbohydrate sources.  They are all important.

9.  Read food labels.  They are chocked full of important information.  Over time, you will recognize and use the information you need to make healthy decisions.

10.  Practice mindfulness with your eating.  Take time to plan your meals, be thankful for the abundance of food, and keep track of your eating in a journal.  

I hope these tips are helpful for you!  Share your thoughts here on what has been most helpful for you or email me at

Last month we celebrated Exercise is Medicine Month.  Cool, exercise has a month!  Simply stated, the benefits of physical activity are proven and impact  the future our nation’s health.
According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control,
40% of all major health diseases that our population suffers from are either preventable or can be greatly reduced through regular physical activity.
Whats even more staggering is how the lack of physical activity affects our work force.  There is a 50% increase in “low productivity” due to lack of consistent activity.  – Population Health Management August 2012busy
I have dedicated a portion of my career this year into learning about way’s I can reach people in their place of employment – the people who may not visit me in the gym or come to one of my outdoor classes.  Just the other day, I was attending a webinar on how to improve well being in the workplace.
In a recent corporate survey by Healthways, 57% of respondents felt like they were “struggling” in the area of physical well being –  their health, energy, and ability to move.  Another 12% reported that they were “suffering” in this area.
The remainder reported that they were” thriving”, barely 30%.  Certainly this is a subjective feedback, but isnt it truly about how we feel, our emotions, that affect our happiness and satisfaction with our jobs and where we are in life.
What can you do?  Begin to access your ability to increase your daily physical activity in the work place.  For the rest of the year, I will be sharing tips and suggestion here.  Here’s a few for starters!
  • Schedule breaks every hour to get up and move.
  • Suggest walking meetings in or outside of the building.
  • Seek professional assistance.

To arrange a consultation to explore ways I can assist you in creating a culture of regular physical activity at your workplace, give me a call at 314-323-9183 or email

One of the first holiday weekends of the summer, Memorial Day is a time for recreation, and spending time with friends and family, and of course food.  Yet not just another holiday,  this day has been honored since the American Civil War, as  one for us to recognize the sacrifice American men and women made for our country,  giving up their lives in military service.  Not that I am about to take a somber tone, nor do I feel that the time we spend with our family and friends is less important   — to be honest, I’m looking forward to the time off  to relax with the fam and the food!  As I began to plan for some time off this weekend, my thoughts kept coming back to the people who lost their lives in US military activities.  Was their sacrifice worth it?  How do we as a nation honor that sacrifice in our own lives?  Not that we should have to necessarily visit national cemeteries or volunteer our services to a related organization.

Perhaps it is first in reflecting on the effort and commitment that these people made for our country.  And then to ask ourselves, what are we doing as individuals to make our country greater, to be a servant to those around us, and to take advantage of the opportunities of  freedom that they have given us in their service?

I can easily get caught in day to day responsibilities and personal challenges that everyone faces and must attend to.  Can we rise above our natural drive to find comfort and fulfill our own needs while also serving others?  I think we can.  Perhaps its as simple as asking yourself each morning:  What value am I going to create today?

A colleague of mine summed up it best:  Image

Memorial Day is a great reminder to honor the  sacrifices of those who died while in military service by
being your best self, using your talents to make a difference,
and not taking the opportunities we have for granted.
My prayers and thoughts are with those who will be remembering their loved ones who lost their lives this day.

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